PS3 to Monitor no signal :(

I bought an adapter to use my PS3 on my monitor. It is DVI-D Male to HDMI Female. It works when plugging HDMI from my pc into my DVI monitor... but when i try hooking my PS3 up to the monitor it gets no signal at all. Even when i hold down the power button on the PS3 to reset the video i get nothing. I prefer PC gaming but i just wanna play PS3 when my IRL friends are online you know? And i read that PS3's won't display on a monitor that doesn't support HDCP but mine obviously does.

Thats the monitor i am using.. it is 22 inch 1080p with DVI-D and HDCP. I know everthing works because the adapter will display my PC through but not the PS3. And my
PS3 works fine on my HDTV.
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  1. Maybe it's a faulty cable?
    One more thing i could think of is that your monitor doesn't have a dvi-d or dvi-i input, just dvi-a. But because you used it on your PC, this is not the case.
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