Help needed - 800 mhz fsb on 845 PE


I was wondering:

I have a MB with the 845 PE chipsets and it lets me set the FSB up to over 300 MHZ. Now if I set it to 200, can I then run the new 800 MHZ fsb P4`s?

OR are there other things to consider? What kind of Ram would I need, i.e. would I need 400 mhz RAM or will my PC 2700 be sufficient because it is also being o/c`d?

Please help

Thank you.
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  1. Yes you set it to 200 to hit 800fsb.
    4 X 200= 800.
    You don't need the ram just need to change the setting in bios so that the ram can run at slower speeds. 3:2 might do it for you.

    P4 2.6c at 3.25, Abit IC7-G Max3, OCZ pc 4000, 2X raptors in a raid, and ATI 9700 pro 390/324.
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