PS3 Jailbreaking is bad?

Jailbreaking PS3 loses it's internet connectivity for multiplayer games. Is there already a fix to this? Ps4 is already in the making. :(

(I'm new so let me know if my post violates any of forum rules. Thanks!)
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    Well yes it sort of violates the rules of the forum, There may be a fix but I doubt you will not get much more reply from other forum users, subjects like this tend to be condoned, like silly people asking for windows 7 licence keys free to use a pirate copy. Its no no on the forum, even if I knew I would still not help for the reasons of implications of piracy sorry, since the intent is to do this. keep it clean best way.
  2. Thank you for the heads up.
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  4. did you already jailbreak it? and you have lost the ability to go online with your account? have just reverted to original firmware? depending on your location in the world in a lot of countries it is a grey area. now in canada it is illegal to modify consoles that would otherwise require to bypass the security of the electronic and allow it function as it would not otherwise be able to do is no longer allowed.
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