Another Starcraft 2 issue...

Hello! I recently bought SC 2 Wings of liberty and for some reason it keeps crashing the computer and restarting it. I have read a similar thread where the problem was solved by installing a more powerfull PSU but mine should be fine (500w). I also have noticed that the crash doesn't happen if I play the game on "Low" settings which is kinda silly because the recommended video settings for my system are "Ultra".Even on "Medium " I get the crash everytime...My computer's specs are the following:
OS: windows 7 32-bit
CPU: intel core 2 quad q6600 2.4 GHz
Ram: 2GB
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GT 640 1GB
I really hope you could help me :(
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  1. Do you get crashes on other games? Could you describe the crashes more thoroughly?
  2. No. That is a very weird thing too as i played some much more "demanding games" such as MoH Warfighter on high settings.
    the crash goes like this: the PC just restarts as if i pushed the restart buton and a message is displayed: windows did not shut down properly, then i get asked if i want to start windows normally or in safe mode
  3. Okay. My first suspect is overheating.

    Download HWMonitor, Prime95 and Furmark.

    Launch HWMonitor and Prime95. Go to task manager and set prime95 priority to low (processes tab). Then, in Prime95, start In-place Large FFTs test.

    Next, launch furmark and start burn-in test. Switch to HWMonitor tab and watch the temperatures climb. If they reach 80°C for the CPU or 90°C for the graphics card, shut down both prime95 and Furmark. If they don't do that after 10 minutes, take a screenshot of HWMonitor window and post it here.
  4. ok, thank you.I will reply as soon as i get the results
  5. file://localhost/C:/Users/Iulian/Desktop/system.png
  6. Upload it to so I could see it. I cannot access your computer files :P.
  7. i hope i uploaded it correctly this time
  8. Try again :D. Make sure to select "Do not resize" option!
  9. Okay. Looks like it's not overheating. How long was furmark and prime95 running?

    P. S. You could have installed the non pro version, the one I linked :P. That way there wouldn't be hidden fields.
  10. 10 min like you said
  11. Okay. We can also eliminate power supply issue.

    I'd suggest testing memory at this point. It will take a bit longer than the last test. I suggest you leave it over night and check results in the morning (or do it asap if you don't mind waiting for 2 hours).

    Download memtest from here:

    and load it to DVD/USB drive. Then, restart the PC and boot from said storage media. Wait for it to pass the test at least 3-4 times. Report error count.
  12. i downloaded the memtest but i don't know exactly how to use it. Would really appreciate you writing the instructions step by step :D :D
  13. Do you want to use DVD disc or USB drive version?
  14. Dvd disc
  15. Okay. You need to download Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO version. Then, extract it. Finally, insert disc to your DVD burner, right click the iso file and select "burn disc image".

    Now, just restart the PC and boot from the DVD.
  16. And how does one boot from said dvd ?
  17. When turning on/restarting PC, keep pressing delete button until you enter BIOS. Then, go to boot settings and set it to boot from DVD first.
  18. I am posting from a tablet now.the pc just did 3 full tests ,all passed , no errors in 1h 30min.should i keep testing ?
  19. Do 1 more pass. If there are no errors, exit the test and let me know.
  20. 4 passes at 2h, no errors
  21. Okay. It's enough. Definitely not memory problem.

    What graphics card driver version do you have installed?
  23. That's old driver. I'd suggest updating it, and when doing so, select "clean install" option:
  24. done
  25. Did it fix crashing on Starcraft 2?
  26. It seems the problem is fixed. Thank you so much :D :D :D If i get the crash again ( i don't think i will though :p ) i will post here. Thanks again man ur the best!!
  27. Okay, glad you've solved it.
  28. on a personal level i read this thread like it was my dad talking to me lol

    we had the exact same conversation one day lol It made me laugh. :)
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