Systemrequirementslab is a JOKE!!

LOL so i decided to see if the site was actually worth anything. And i decided to see if the site thinks my PC can run Assassins Creed 3 or not....

Sandy Bridge Pentium Dual Core G860 @3ghz
MSI HD 7770
8gb DDR3 1333mhz
320gb HDD

Now, the site says i don't even meet the minimum because the minimum is a Core 2 Duo E8200 @2.66ghz. Are they trying to tell me that my SANDY BRIDGE DUAL CORE @3GHZ IS SLOWER THAN A OLDER GENERATION DUAL CORE CLOCKED AT 2.66GHZ LOL. What a joke, my cpu is quite a bit faster than the Core 2 Duo that i supposedly need to upgrade to!


My question is? is it just a bug in there system or are they just a bad way to figure out if you can run a game?
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  1. Does it matter?
    By the sound of the question you already knew that the Pentium was fast enough
  2. Robi_g said:
    Does it matter?
    By the sound of the question you already knew that the Pentium was fast enough

    I did. But i just wanna know why the site produces lies. I have seen some people on here tell people to go there to see if they could run it, so i tried it out. Apparently there is alot of games i can't "run" that can be played on a 4 year old processor with a lower clock speed.
  3. Whenever I've tried one of those diagnostic sites even if they tell me the game runs it comes with the qualification "But if you want to run it REALLY well you SHOULD update to so and so and here is the link, and no this entire diagnostic page is defininitly not a front for us to just sell our overpriced upgrades." :D
  4. some sites like them they look at speeds of the processor and they don't always have the most up to date list of CPU's so when it is not in the current family or model number they have in their system it will default to say it is not fast enough. i never use these sites because anyone that uses computers and knows their hardware will know if they can play a game or not by just comparing their specs to specs required by the developer.

    but yes, these sites are in a lot of cases useless, i myself have had good luck with it being accurate with my systems since i normally have AMD cpu's and they dont really come out with as many cpu's at a frequent rate as intel.

    but really they need to spruce up the site make it work with every PC hardware and we should get a link to it on the main forum page so people can stop asking if then can run bf3
  5. bah, system requirements are just like manuals, never read them. if something runs slow, just use it as an excuse to upgrade :D
  6. I've got the same processor, and it gave me the same thing.. I just kinda laughed at it and went about my business.
  7. its actually ok if you have older hardware but if you have anything new like a dx11 card it becomes buggy and unreliable.
    it tells me my 5870 is under spec for a lot of games because it lists it as a 5800 series not the actual model. i know through experience what my pc can play and it will handle a lot of stuff that SRL says it wont... if you have older hardware you wont have this issue.
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