Why Cant't i play Crysis?

Ok so i bought crysis a few days ago and have been playing it on medium settings and then my new graphics card arrived (Gtx 660 Ti galaxy 2gb gc :D ) so i have been maxing it and then i am up to the mission where i have to fly in the VTOL to the aircraft hangar carrier place and whenever i get close to the edge of the map where the other VTOL's are it just exits out of Crysis, no warning, no Crysis has crashed or anything i dont know why this keeps happening this is the 7th time it's happened :( .
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  1. reinstall the game its the problem with the game or maybe with the drivers of the gpu
  2. sounds like your save is corrupt or the install is. try reinstalling forst then try an alternative save file if the problem persists.
  3. ok i will try redownloading it on the tenth (i have 256 kbp/s untill then) thanks for the help :D
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    no need just check the file integrity. when you do that it will redownload only the corrupted portions.
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