Black Ops 2 Awaiting Textures, Help plz

Everytime I load up a Black Ops 2 Multiplayer game it goes through the loading process then gets stuck on awaiting textures. I'm stuck on the awaiting textures for about 30 seconds and by the time I get into the game people already have 10 kills. Is there any modifications I can make to make the load times for the textures quicker? I have my v-sync off, and all of my Radeon HD 6770 drivers are up to date. Please Help!,
Thanks- Binohill
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  1. Same problem as you bud, Really confused here.
  2. Hi :)

    Verify the files in Steam...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. hi guys i have the same problem with the same video card

    amd phenomII x4 965 BE
    12gb gskill ram
    m4a87td/evo mobo
    ASUS HD6770 DirectCU graphics card

    any ideas on a fix for this cause im getting to the point of boycotting blops2
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