Rome 2: Total War

Hello, i was just wondering if my pc would be able to run rome 2: total war? My specs are:
Quad Core AMD A6 @ 2.1 Ghz
AMD Radeon Hd 6530D graphics

I know that this isnt really a gaming computer, but i didnt buy it for gaming. I would just like to know if i would be able to run the game on atleast lowest settings at a playable fps. Thank You. And btw i am able to run Empire Total War on medium settings fine if that helps. Thank You.
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  1. I would say it highly depends if they will optimize the game engine for quad cores.

    Not sure what resolution you play at or what performance the lowest graphics settings we will see with the game though.

    I'm glad you like the total war series I'm a big fan. Going to upgrade in the summer of 2013 to run rome 2. :)

    Edit: Actually I doubt it will run well because the bulldozer cores are not a traditional full core design.
  2. The developers say they are trying to keep the requirements the same as Shogun Total War 2, don't know how that compares to Empire Total War but it is something to go by.
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