Fallout 3 Freezes Windows 7

Hola people of the forums!

I have recently bought fallout 3 for my computer and it is constantly freezing about every five minutes. My operating system is windows 7 and there isn't anything wrong with my hardware in my PC. Specs are Quad-Core AMD 2.2ghz gtx 660 6gb of ram. Any advice?

Thanks :D
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  1. Fallout 3 isn't optimized for Windows 7 or multi-core processors. Look up on YouTube "Fallout 3 Windows 7/Multi-Core Fix". Basically you have to set your affinity for Fallout 3 down to 2-cores because the game will crash if it uses more.
  2. I have Fallout 3 running nicely on Windows 8.1 via a Z87 i7 4770 through a pair of Sapphire HD7770 graphics cards; and it looks lovely.

    I had one stutter when it was first started last week; but that may have been because I didn`t reboot after installing; I did however set the game to play as administrator as running via Vista SP2.

    No problems..
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