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I currently want to buy a new keyboard and mouse for gaming. I am currently looking at the Steelseries 6gv2 and steelseries sensei raw. But i also have the Corsair K60 and M60 in mind. Which is the better combo. And should i rather buy the razer black widow ultimate and save up for a better mouse. I mostly play skyrim ,COD Black ops 2 and Starcraft 2.
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  1. stay clear of razer mechanical keyboards they are junk compared to even the most basic mechanical keyboards.
    the k60 and m60 are good choices if you like branding. they will look very smart together on your desk. function wise they will both do the job better than razer although there are better options available. how much are you looking to spend for each.
    you see the kit i use? its supposedly some of the best but really does it help my gaming. not really.
    my recommendation is get a basic mechanical keyboard that does keyboard things well. things like light keypresses, antighosting/Nkey roll over. although mechanical keys can take some getting used to and are noisy they do offer better response. if your coming from a rubber dome key then a black cherry key will feel great while red with feel very light.
    Nkey roll over is the amount of keys you can press at the same time. you want a keyboard with a minimum of 6, recomended 10, best full, Nkey roll over/ full antighost where you can press any key combo on the keyboard and it will register. the reason i say stay well clear of razor is because of the poor 3-6key roll over... they claim the wasd keys are optimized which they are but only in respect to the other keys on the keyboard. compared to other keyboards they are bugged and bugged badly.
    you press any combo of crtl and wasd the keys will register but then hit f,g,h or any other key while holding the first 1s down they wont register because razer got it wrong and spectacularly so(typical razer all bells and whistles but no tune). they claim its gamer optimized but forgot that some games require more than 4 keys to be pressed at the same time. tekken for instance can have up to 9 simultaneous keypress's. while a very good keyboard will allow you to have 2 players playing on 1 keyboard at the same time using up to 20 keys at 1s... yeah i know not many games will allow that, but its nice to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  2. recomended brands. not in any particular order.
    corsair K60/K90 great for mmo and fps gamers. little worried that there macro keys wont stand up over time but thats like 5 years or more.
    coolermaster rapid very good all rounder with good key roll over numbers.
    Qpad MK 50-85 (mk 85 is expensive but its 1 of the best) my personal choice and i have no complaints.
    ttesports meka G brand
    filco good gaming grade kit.
    das S very good but basic keyboard. no macro, no back lighting but still a solid keyboard thats the match of any.
    ducky again a solid brand that do offer gaming tweaks like macros on some of there boards.
    cherry (cheapest but just as good as most any other better than razor for basic functionality)
    zowey (has a 2ms responce which is slower than the rest but in real terms you wont notice any difference. you can still type up to 500 letters per second).

    i notice on OCUK they have bundles for the corsair and gigabyte mechanical keyboards... the corsair bundle is worth the money. the gigabyte 1 although it seems to offer more isnt. there keyboard has some major flaws in build quality.
  3. Thanks for your Reply. Ok is saw alot of negative reviews of the black widow. Didn't know razer made that bad products. What about steel series.
  4. there robust. well made but lack features. they also are limited to 6 key roll over on usb full nkroll if you use the ps2 adapter, while 6Krol is enough if you play fps games but can be limiting for mmo's and some other kinds of games.
    personally i found the 6gV2 a little clunky and a mate wasnt happy with his until he fitted o rings to every key to stop the clacking. they are good basic gaming keyboards but have no backlighting
    for the money there are others out there just as good or very slightly better.
    but there cheap, work very well and will outlast any membrane keyboard.
  5. Ok thanks. I am actually from South-Africa and our local pc stores dont and online shop dont have the ducky and filco + DAS brands. We only have the razer,roccat,corsair,steel series(Just got imported S.A two month ago) logitech,microsoft and the other generic brands. Thats why i only posted the steel series,razer and corsair. I looked at review on some filco keyboard but then i found out that i must import them. Cost a extra few bucks.Might as well save that money and buy a better keyboard. But thanks. I think i will go for the corsair K90 and M60.
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