Minecraft recording help!

i have a pretty sick gaming computer, ill put the specs below here, so check it out, but i can't even record minecraft at 60 fps, please help. i have try'd to record with fraps, then i get about 50, and with DXtory i get about 40. please help me guys, i spend so much money on this computer and i expected i could record minecraft atleast.


i7 3770k
N680 Twinfrozr msi
16gb corsair vengeance, 1600Mhz
128GB SSD (Samsung)
1000GB HDD
Windows 8
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  1. Did you try MSI Afterburner? I found it to have least effect on frames per second:


    Also, make sure you're recording at 30 fps. Recording higher is useless: wherever you upload the video, it will convert to 30 fps format.

    Lastly, what is your 1 TB HDD model?
  2. i don't know, im gonna look now
  3. a Seagate st1000dl002
  4. Well, that basically concludes why you cannot record smoothly: the hard drive is very slow. 7200 RPM drives are suggested at the very least.

    Still, I'd give MSI afterburner a shot.
  5. oke, well i think im am going to replace that harddrive then, because i want to record gameplay, and with such a computer it would be a waste to let a slow harddrive get in the way
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