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Hey all,

I know that LAN gaming is getting a little old as online gaming is taking off and there is no need to lug your PC over to a buddies place to play your favourite games, but hell im old fashioned in that way and so are all my buddies.

We are planning our next LAN party for february and are trying to think of a line up of games to play, game licensing is no issue since if someone does not have the game someone will either have an extra copy or we will all pitch in to buy a copy for them.

the main games that we will normally play are first person shooters either team or FFA, as well as some strategy games and survival games. the main series that we play are battelfield, unreal tournament, and left 4 dead.

Just wondering if anyone here can give us some suggestions on some great LAN party games that get you pumped to get together with your buddies and start fraging eachother.

Thanks for any input
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    Crysis Wars is excellent. It has LAN option and is as fun as Quake once was (and still is to some :)).

    Borderlands 1/2 is also great.

    Other games include Warcraft III, Serious Sam, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2.
  2. aha, yes! good old War3, ill pitch that one to the guys see if they would be up for that, SC1 and SC2 are getting a little old playing them all the time. they would all probably be up for TF2 as well.

    ill see what they think of crysis wars, not too many of us liked crysis as a multiplayer game but we can keep that in the FPS FFA pool i think.

    L4D and Borderlands we usually leave in the offtime games when we are waiting around since they are strictly 4 player based unless it is 4 on 4 in L4D.

    Thanks for the suggestions :D
  3. sup dude...i like to lan flatout 2, call of duty world at war zombies, rune , modern warfare 3 and far cry 2 withy my friends... ur probably not gona be able to buy flatout 2 and rune as theyre probably off the market, so i recommend u download from pirate bay and its defnitely worth all the trouble! these games are really good and its all we ever play!!
  4. some of my favorites are Counter strike (all: 1.6, Source, CZ, GO..) Half life 1, team fortress....
  5. flatout, i actually have 1 and two on steam, both great, probably play those as well.

    probably get some CSS going on as well it has been a while since we all play that last
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