Better HDD To Record? (Neef Help)

i have a new computer wich is fast and good for games but my harddrive rpm speed, and i think that is the reason why i can't record smoothly. so im going to buy a new one, my old one is a Seagate ST1000DL002 With 5900RPM and i think im going to buy a Seagate ST1000DM003 with 7200RPM, would that help? and is that a good drive. (btw im also using a 128GB SSD)


i7 3770k
msi gtx680 twinfrozr
16gb vengeance
windows 8
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  1. I'd personally aim for Western Digital drives. Their drives seem to be excellent - especially Caviar Black line. If you can't get Caviar Black, Caviar Blue will do as well.
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