BSOD when installing steam games on Windows 7

I get BSOD: BAD_POOL_CALLER when installing any steam games on windows 7. It only happens with windows 7 because i tried it on vista and i didnt get BSOD. I've been playing games on steam for years on windows 7 and this just happened recently after i used system recovery and reinstalled my OS. I've updated/reinstalled all my drivers and that didnt fix it.

Anyone who knows a fix to this would be great.
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  1. Not sure if it'll work but have you tried "re caching" your games?
  2. I dont have any games installed. It just goes BSOD as soon as i initiate the install.
  3. It could be a lot of things but maybe you could try this?

    If it's a software issue...
    - Try launching STEAM in Windows Safe-mode (w/ Network) and see what happens.
    - Disable (at least for testing) all the non-essential start up programs.

    If that fails then you might want to test your hardware...
    - Run a system RAM check...any errors?
    - Run a Hard Drive check (for paging errors)...any errors?

    Let us know how it goes.

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