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What do you guys think of this laptop for running modern games, I.e. gw2, far cry 3, assassins creed3, etc same gen.?
Would this do it? Without killing the laptop, that is? Thanks for the input, you all are the greatest!
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  1. Doubt it. It doesn't meet MINIMUM system requirements for Far Cry 3.

    Also, why a laptop? They are expensive and ineffective at gaming!
  2. It'll run FC3 but it wont run at the highest settings.
  3. The GeForce GT 635M isn't a supported GPU for any modern 3D title, and it would perform worse than a GeForce GT 640 (desktop version) for sure.

    I'd expect it to be little more than half as powerful as the GT640.
  4. You will barely run any modern game. Super weak GPU in that thing.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I'm quite well up on the desktop gaming, and hardware, but I'll be out of state for a few months soon. I just wanted a Lappy I could get by with and play some games without bringing my tower. I also don't want to spend $1000 on it. Thanks again, medium settings are fine for these purposes...
  6. It will most things but don't expect much more than low or not at all in more demanding games.
  7. okay, one more and I'll leave you guys alone! :)

    I've decided I can up my budget a bit, and found this on newegg:

    It looks good on paper, but not sure how Samsung laptops hold up. That's about it, unless someone can suggest an Asus or something on a similar price/performance point. FYI, I don't want to consider HP, Dell, or Toshiba, really. Thanks! After a couple of replies, I'll mark this Solved. Cheers, all.
  8. The graphics card is very sub par. Laptop you linked at first is twice as fast (i'm not exaggerating).

    All things taken into account, I'd go for this one (if it isn't too big for you):
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    Scott_D_Bowen said:
    The GeForce GT 635M isn't a supported GPU for any modern 3D title, and it would perform worse than a GeForce GT 640 (desktop version) for sure.

    Anonymous said:
    You will barely run any modern game. Super weak GPU in that thing.

    Basically garbage, non-helpful comments. A mobile graphics card is naturally less powerful than a desktop graphics card. However, you will also be playing at a lower resolution since most affordable laptops only come with 1366x768 resolution screens. Will a GT 635M run games at Ultra graphic settings at 1366x768? definitely not, but people who buys inexpensive laptops for games generally know they are making some sacrifices.

    Just because the GT 635M is not listed as a "supported graphics card" does not mean it cannot run a game. Game Publishing companies never have an exhaustive list of compatible graphic cards and most of the time they do not bother listing laptop graphic cards. Therefore, if you "strictly" go by the "officially supported graphic cards list", then you can say that no laptops are capable of playing games even the expensive gaming laptops which has a GTX 680m.
  10. You can read about the performance of the GT 635m (or almost any other mobile graphics card) from Notebookcheck. The following link is specifically for the GT 635m.

    You should take the gaming benchmarks with a large grain of salt. Laptop gaming benchmarks are not like desktop benchmarks. There is no laptop that can allow you to freely swap in/out different graphic cards to test them in a similar rig (i.e. same CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc). One laptop used in a benchmark might have a slower dual core CPU, another a faster dual core CPU and yet another with a quad core CPU.

    The GT 635M is more or less the same GPU as the GT 555M. My Lenovo has the slower GT 550M and I find that the performance on a 1366x768 resolution screen completely acceptable. I generally play games with medium quality. For example, I tested Crysis 1 with medium settings and generally the FPS range from 36 to 44 the vast majority of the time. On high settings FPS ranges between 25 to 32 for the vast majority of the time and dipped down to 18 FPS from time to time.

    Not great performance compared to a desktop graphic card. But we are talking about laptops in this particular thread.
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