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Should I buy playstation 3 or should I wait for playstation 4?
I bought xbox about a year before xbox 360 came out and I was pissed off because they stopped making games for xbox a little while after. Will that happen with playstation 3? How long will it be till ps4 comes out?

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Andy Thomas
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  1. ps3 will continue getting some new games just like the ps2, but the thing is, that it 'is not worth it to buy a console at the end of it's life.
  2. Buy early, pay $700, console costs $140 per year over 5 years.
    - Waiting for 2nd year refresh, console costs ~$475 and costs $120 per useful year remaining.
    - Waiting for 3rd+ refresh is pointless, console costs $250 to $300 and only has 18 months useful life left in it; working out to about $167 per year of useful life remaining.

    There are exceptions to the above, but global companies in today's economy have stamped out such good value prospects for today's consumers!

    People do this all the time.
    - Once they make the mistake once they're kinda locked into the upgrade cycle without even realising it!

    The units are better entertainment value than a complete PC of equivalent value by the 2nd refresh.
    - Today it is possible to use a Core i5 laptop with WiDi to wirelessly display an image on any modern TV.
    - The PC platform is where all the innovation is.
    - The PC platform is where all the modular hardware upgrade opportunity is. (Men shouldn't fear screwdrivers, nor hardware driver CD-ROM's).

    Back in the day, before refresh refreshes on console hardware it made some sense to buy a console when the next generation from the competition came out as the developers would compete more and they got more titles.

    Sadly when it comes to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 it appears that Sony and Microsoft are pretty much in sync when it comes to hardware refreshes.
  3. Hello,

    Thanks for your reply. I found so many informations from you guys.

    Thanks a lot
    Andy Thomas
  4. People speculate that the new releases (XBOX 720 and PS4) might be coming out this year's XMAS time. Again...just a speculation but hey it makes sense
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