Borderlands 2 vs Hitman Absolution URGENT!

Hi all, I have Till 6 pm to decide between hitman or borderlands 2. I enjoy action games and shooters but I also like games such as deus ex. They are both £15 right now on Steam. Which one should I get? I prefer singleplayer games and I only have one friend who owns borderlands 2.
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  1. Id recommend border Lands 2. Great game and more fun with friends. Hitman Absolution I have not played but many of my friends who have played it said it was kind of stale.
  2. Okay thanks
  3. Borderlands 2 was kind of meh to me. Though I can't particularly say I liked the first one either.

    I enjoyed hitman, though. In my personal opinion, that's the best game of 2012. I spent so much time on it...

    Anyway, if you have friends with whom you'll play Borderlands, it could be a good option. However, that game is not fun when playing solo...
  4. Hitman received pretty mediocre reviews unfortunately.
  5. enjoyed borderlands 2

    currently playing hitman absolution

    its ok--but i lose patience with the sneaking about all the time and end up shooting my way through


    so my choice would be borderlands 2
  6. Thanks everyone for your input
  7. I've played hitman absolution, as well as all the other hitmans, with the exception of agent 47. I thought absoloution was amazing, some great features in it and it's a great single player game, multiplayer is poor but what can you expect from a game like hitman? contracts is a nice feature, not spent much time on it. Overall i think hitman would be a good buy if you have played previous hitman games and liked them.

    Since i haven't played borderlands, i'd probably buy that.
  8. I got hitman blood money for £2 on Steam and im gonna play through that instead
  9. Blood money is also good, I like the fact that in Absolution you can see how well you did in a map compared to the rest of the population. it encourages you to play through the game more and try to better your score. can become a great game between friends.
  10. Played Hitman for 10 minutes and closed it.

    Played Borderlands for a few hours wasn't too impressed either.

    I'd say Borderlands has got more playtime than Hitman
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