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heya guys got a question on the new simcity . specs look high and the game is meant to have been developed on intel ccpus in mind . iam thinking of upgrading to a intel i5 2500k new mobo and gpu(raedon 7870 2gb). is it worth it when my current specs are ...
amd fx 6200 oc to 4.0ghz
asus 6870 1 gb
1tb hdd
16gb ram

i would like to run this game on atleast on high settings...any ideas.....i would appreciate th
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  1. if money is no issue to you then of course the i5 and the 7870 are better for gaming so why not change them, if it was me i'd just do the gpu and maybe pay out for a 7970
  2. Hi :)

    Its NOT DEVELOPED for Intel, it will work perfectly well on your machine...

    All the best Brett :)
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