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Hey guys.
I want to buy a new headset for PC gaming. I need them to be wireless and it'd be amazing if they could work on the Xbox too. I was originally thinking of the Logitech G930's, but I have heard that headsets that use a 3.5mm jack sound better while running through a sound card. So, I'm here to ask for your suggestions. I'd like to spend around $200, but exceptions can be made up to $240. My motherboard only supports regular PCI. I am running Windows 7 x64 if that matters.
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  1. I use turtle beach x12's which are wired but you can get the x32's for 99.99 and they should work just fine.
    Double check on the PC but i am assuming since the x12's run on the PC the x32's and x42's should as well.
  2. I hear mixed reviews on Turtle Beaches. I hear they have great sound, but break easy. Durability is a must for me.
  3. i have the 930s, they really dont sound bad at all. i dont know of any wireless ones with a 3.5mm jack though
  4. I like the Sennheiser HD595 Dynamic High Grade Performance Premiere Headphones, they seem to be high quality and better than Headphones in the similar price range. Here's a review I found
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