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BSOD While playing Skyrim and Guild Wars 2

Hello all, I just built this new PC about 2 months ago. This is my first time building a PC. With that being said, I have ran into a big problem while gaming on my PC, and I'm not sure whats causing it. When playing games like League of Legends or Diablo 3, I can play for hours without any problem. But when playing games like Skyrim or Guild Wars 2, I get the BSOD quite often, about 15~45 mins into playing. I can't read what the BSOD says because it only stays up for about 3 seconds, then my PC restarts.

Here is my setup:

-i5 3570k CPU
-EVGA gtx 660 GPU
-ASRock Z77 extreme4 Motherboard
-Eagle Voltas 600w PSU (Not even 80 bronze, I really cheaped out here)
-8gb of Gskill ram
-WD Caviar Black 1tb HDD
-Windows 7 64bit

If you have any advice to my problem, please post it below. I'd like to play Skyrim without having to save so very often :P
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    It could be the power supply, you could try running CPU & GPU stress tests to see what happens but if the PSU dies it could fry everything. You could run Memtest to rule out memory 1st but I suggest a new PSU even if its not the problem.
  2. I was told by a coworker that it sounds like the PSU is the problem. I planned on replacing it as soon as possible, plus I don't want my hardware to get fried lol
  3. Anymore suggestions?
  4. Have you tried Memtest?
  5. No where can I get memtest??
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  7. You computer is good enough to play guild wars 2
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