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Hello I need a new printer so I was just looking for some suggestions. I want something with good quality that is quick and reliable but is also nice and affordable. Thankx for the help.

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  1. How much are you looking at? Under $50? $100? $200?

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  2. I think I would like to spend probably in the $150 dollar area if it really impresses me then around $200 would be fine also.

    "On a long enough timeline everyone's survival rate drops to zero!"
  3. Epson Stylus 740
    Epson Stylus 880
    Xerox DocuPrint M750
    Sharp AJ-2000
    Lexmark Z52 Color Jetprinter

    all less than $150

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  4. Just bought the Xerox DocuPrint M760 for $60, and very satisfied. Skeptical because of it's cheapness, but I'm not disappointed. Separate ink tanks are a plus. I'm happy... :smile:

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  5. I bought a <A HREF=",2792,MTg0M3wx,00.html" target="_new">Lexmark Z43</A> and it works beautifully! I got it at Fry's for $99. It can do parallel as well as USB. Can print on many different weights of paper, including photo paper. 2400x1200, 12ppm black, 6ppm color. Good quality for the money.

    I had a problem when I was running it with my old system. Although I think this was due to a problem with the MB's USB port (it was a Matsonic). On my new system, I set it up, and it was ready to print, no hassle! I used to have a Canon, and every time I went to print something, I would cross my fingers. Now with my new Lexmark, I know that I'm gonna get a full page of clean, crisp text and graphics as soon as I hit print.

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  6. i just got a hp deskjet 845c.
    not the best prineter around, but for 99 bucks, it isnt that bad, prints fast/crisp text/images. and it was easy as hell to set up...usb works wonders!
    i picked it up at fry's last night, and got it witht their 2 year guarantee, sothat if in two years, it doesnt work like it did the day i got it, then they give me the equivalent to that printer in two years.
    the only thing is, with the cartidges, i can figure out how i am going to use my inkjet refill kit to refill it..
    the cartridges are 15 and 17....anyone know how to refill these?


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  7. you need to go to for the best price around
  8. Actually, if you're thinking of moving to Linux, I'd suggest looking for one that's compatible as well. One with separate ink tanks also. I don't know where, but I just felt like throwing that idea in.

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  9. HP 930 used to be the best for the $.
    Now it's probably replaced by 940 & 920.
    I would look at those two.
  10. The 940 has the 15 cartage with has 23ML of ink the 45 which is the normal cartage has 43ML of ink for the same price. Plus the 940 comes with a 90day warrenty where as everything else comes with a year. BTW the 845C sucks because the res is 600X1200! You can get a Lexmark Z43 for 99bucks and it does 2400x1200 res! NO CONTEST!


    Hope that helped!
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