I\'ve installed cheap inks in an Epson 1290 but it registers as being out of ink

I'd be really grateful if someone could come up with a reason why my Epson 1290 won't register the installation of some non Epson inks? I've installed cheap inks before without any problems but the printer keeps saying I'm out of ink. Any ideas gratefully received.
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  1. Hi :)

    Get this in my shops a lot....

    The chips in the CHEAP cartridges are not programmed properly...take them back and get your money back and buy some OTHER better ones....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. well thats what you get for buying CHEAP ink
  3. It's not so much that the ink is cheap...it's that the printer manufacturer's don't want you cannibalizing their ink sales for their printers.

    So they started putting "smart" sensors into the ink so you don't go buy some other guys ink for 1/4 the price. Real scum bags (printer manufacturers) if you ask me!

    But as the others have said you will have to buy the proper ones for your printer.
  4. well at least epson does have some of the cheapest ink cartridges around unlike other companies like HP
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