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Does anyone know if there is a program that will allow me to view my System vitals (CPU & GPU temperature, HDD capacity, and network status) via the internet? I have a HTPC that runs Windows 7 and I need to keep an eye on it's temperatures and it would be best if I could do so via the internet so I can keep an eye on it while away from the house. The other stats (HDD and network) are optional I mainly need to keep an eye on the CPU and GPU temperatures.

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  1. Monitoring is no good if you can't adjust. Sounds like you need a remote access system. The easiest/simplest that I know of is logmein. No need for free DNS as you sign in through the website. From there, you can act like your sitting at your computer. The free version doesn't support file transfer from remote to local PC, but you should be able to run PCProbe or any other monitoring program. If something is out of whack you should be able to turn programs on/off.

    Give it a shot, and if anyone has better remote software I'd love to hear about them.
  2. I use VNC to log in to check the temperatures via Speedfan but I was hoping for something I could check from a web browser so I could view it on any device I have. I didn't know if it was possible.
  3. logmein runs in a browser. Give it a shot.
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