Im Sick of Fans Help ME Water Cool

Ok guys, i am soo sick of my 747 like case fans, i have an aerogate 2 to control the rpms of all my case fans (5 total) and its just too much noise. Either the low rpm warning beep or the humming fans keep me awake at night. I need silent cooling, and am an advanced pc builder but never took the step toward liquid cooling. Can someone suggest a nice cooling system. Ill list my specs below. Money isnt an issue, i was looking at compressor coolers, sounds exciting. Thanks for your Help!

amd athlon xp2800+ barton
asus a7n8x delux
corsair xms dual channel ddr400 1 gig
geforce 4 ti4600 (soon to be geforce fx 5950 ultra)
audigy 2 platinum
windows xp sp1
Thermaltake silent pure power PS 480watt
xasar II thermaltake server tower
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  1. dude, nice useless double-post

    <b>don't hold strong opinions about things you don't understand</b>

    ...<i><b><A HREF="" target="_new">system specs</A></b></i>
  2. compressor coolers....i guess sleeping with a fridge next to your pillow is easier than a hair dryer.....
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