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It seems like my computer likes to shut down I would say when I play a certain game. I can play Shogun, or League of Legends on the highest quality, but when I play APB from Steam it seems to fail.

I'll be playing APB for about 2-3 minutes and then randomly, my computer screens will turn black and everything goes silent as if the computer turned off. The weird thing is, is that the computer LED's are still on and such as if it didn't fully turn off.

Now I'm personally thinking it's my Power Supply since I'm running a 550 WATT while I have a GTX 670 which requires a minimum of 500 WATTS.

I recently bought a 750 WATT Power Supply today so we will see if that fixes the problem, but I assume it's that or I'm guessing my Graphics Card is messed up somehow? (Drivers maybe).

(I've also tried reinstalling the game multiple times, no fix.)

Anyone have any insight on this?
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  1. Sounds more like a bad graphics card. Unless that 550W PSU was a really cheap, generic, no-brand one..?
  2. +1 and if it was a no brand 700W will not fix it
  3. Just changed the PSU to a 750WATT and it still has the same problem. Graphic card plays EVERY other game perfectly fine, it's just APB that seems to freeze my computer.
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