Computer randomly turns off on SOME games it seems


Need some help on something that's been happening to me recently.

It seems that I can play SOME games, but games that require a lot of attention I suppose like APB (Off Steam) seem to screw up. I play Shogun, League of Legends, etc just fine, but when I play APB my computer seems to shut down in a way. My computer screens go black, as well as the sound of everything. The weird part, is that the LED's on my computer are still on, as if it didn't fully shut down.

I have a 550 WATT Power Supply while it supports a GTX 670 I have, which is a minimum of a 500 WATT Power Supply. Now I'm thinkin this might be the solution to my problem, but if anyone recommends anything else, let me know.
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  1. Same thing was happening to me but with the new nvidia driver it isn't happening. When it shut down did you hear something like an electric noise?
  2. Not that I recall, it just all goes silent and my screens go black as if it turned off and I can't do anything except restart the computer.

    (I usually have headphones on, so if it does make a noise I could possibly miss it.)
  3. Could you tell us your full specs including the brand and model of your power supply unit?
  4. As soon as I get home I will, I'm at work currently and I won't be home for about another 2 hours.
  5. Just swapped my 550 WATT PSU with a 750 PSU and it still has the same problem. Any ideas?
  6. I think I just commented on a duplicate thread of this. What make and model PSUs.
  7. As simon said, we need to know brand and model :).
  8. My bad guys, I actually figured out the problem using GOOGLE, I'm dumb lol. It was some setting on my Graphics Driver I suppose. I had to disable something called the CUDA or CUDO, in the NVIDIA Control Panel since I have a GTX 600 series.
  9. I doubt it's a solution. From wikipedia:

    CUDA (formerly Compute Unified Device Architecture) is a parallel computing platform and programming model created by NVIDIA and implemented by the graphics processing units (GPUs) that they produce.

    Turning it off isn't such a good idea.
  10. Somewhere in there I read from NVIDIA themselves was saying to turn it off in SOME games that are having problems because they haven't hotfixed the drivers for it yet, it causes freezing/crashes.

    Turning it off makes the game work and nothing happens in a negative way.
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