Pc turns oof when i play games

from last 1 year I am experiencing that when i play game my pc gets shut down in 50-60 min minimum.please healp me

Games I play : Assassin's creed brotherhood

: Crysis 2

PC CONFIUG : Processor: Inter Core i7 3.07GHz
RAM : 16 GB
Graphic Card : GeForce GTX 480 1536 MB DDR5
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  1. Please download HWiNFO/32/64, SPPEDFAN, SPECCY or AIDA64, then monitor the Temps and let me the exact temp at which the PC Shuts Down.

    Also please post your Temps on Idle (Just Browsing) and Under Load (When Gaming)
  2. Nedal0 : how will i knw the temp when pc gets shut down ?
  3. Run the Programs in Safe Mode or Minimize the game and have a look at the Temp Software screen.
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