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Good day all I hope you are well?!my question is that I want to start pc gaming(tired of ps3) and will this pc spec be fine to play battlefield 3 (mainly) and what setting will I be able to play on,well your opinions.
The specs are
Intel I5 3330
Msi h77g43 motherboard
Ocz 120gb agility 3
Gigabyte 650 ti oc 2gb
500W aero cool power supply
8 gig kingston 1600 hyperblue kit ram (2 x 4 gig)
23 inch mecer hd led screen
And I low end gaming case with 2 fans front and back

The reason I asked these specs is that a friend(of a friend) is selling it and I would rather check here what any of you think?

The only thing my friend(of a friend) said that I will need a cd rom and change the stanard cpu cooler to an aftermarket and add another harddrive sometime.thanks guys look forward to your opinions.
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  1. This looks like a solid setup for 1080p gaming. Not a huge excess of performance for future games (or the most demanding current games) but you'll definitely be able to play anything at 1080p. For more demanding titles, just drop settings slightly (high instead of ultra) or drop AA. As for the cooler by the way, nothing wrong with the stock cooler when not overclocking.
  2. Thanks for the reply,I know its not top of the range but I will buy it and take thing from there ,and when I hit the lotto I will get a high end system;)
  3. Sounds like a plan :-) And although it's not top-end, it's not bad at all! That's a genuinely decent mid-range graphics card and the i5 is an excellent CPU. I'd just recommend putting the components into PC Part Picker to see what you could be paying for it new. Then you can see if you're getting a good deal from your friend.
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