Problems with Crysis 2

I ordered the game off Amazon and got it for Christmas, it turns out they sent me a UK copy (I'm American) but, everything I've seen so far says it's fine. The game worked but, it would lock up my whole computer and I'd have to hold the power button down to make anything work again. I thought it was bad memory, at the time I was using DDR2, it's alot of money to buy new. So, I ordered a new motherboard and some new DDR3 RAM, and tried out Crysis 2 again today and the same thing happens except, the two times I got it to freeze up it would eventually recover but still, it's not really playable (I don't like my computer to lock up at all on me I stress about it alot the way it is :sweat: ). What should I do? I'm running the AMD 12.10 drivers, are they glitchy with this game? Some people have problems with these drivers but I never have before. Is the UK copy causing problems, should I take the time to enter the code in Steam and download it?

My specs are in my signature except now I'm running 64bit Windows 7 Pro, and this is my new motherboard and RAM.
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  1. Oh yes, and before I swapped mobo's I was running two monitors and on my second one I'd have MSI afterburner, Core Temp, a CPU widget, and a clock widget all running. Now I'm just on one monitor and am not running any of those programs.
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