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DOS/Wimdows 95 Space Game Name

Hello all,

Hope your new year is going good so far.

Anyways, I'm looking for the name of a space game from mostly the Windows 95 era.. This space game was on Galaxy of Games 3, A Ton of Games: Classics 2 or Best of Windows Games.

You start out with a triangular space ship on a planet with a space station protecting your plant. You were then able to go out and land on other planets and this would then make that planet turn whatever color you space ship was. There was about 6 other AI space ships as well that were after all the planets. You could then create another space station to protect your new planet but you had to escort it so the other opponents wouldn't shoot it down. These planets also had a bit of gravity on them. Some were very large and couldn't be claimed.

I hope this is sufficient explanation.
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  1. I just found this post while searching for what sounds like the exact same game. Some things I remember which you didn't mention, to check we're thinking of the same game:

    - The graphics are extremely simple - the planets are just empty coloured circles
    - You could land on the planets if you were careful, but your ship is fragile so you have to land slowly
    - If you crash the ship breaks into pieces (I think)

    I don't remember Galaxy of Games 3, A Ton of Games: Classics 2, but Best of Windows Games vaguely rings a bell, so maybe it was on there. It's surprisingly hard to find a list of games on these compilations though.
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  3. robertskmiles said:

    Thank you so much! I forget how hard it is to try and steer the ship while shooting an enemy.
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