Anyone know if a mod for..

another Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being made? Like an unofficial 3rd party game by a dedicated fan under a different name(as to not get sued by LucasArts(then) or Disney(now?..I know they own LucasFilms, but idk about LucasArts)). Or any wind of a possible make? I played SW:TOR but it didn't deliver quite what I wanted from a KOTOR experiance.
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  1. There is a restored content mod for kotor 2
  2. darth pravus said:
    There is a restored content mod for kotor 2

    Was that the one that pulled the content that was HK's side mission? Like the HK factory?
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    Yes adds any cut content and patches loads of things.

    No new game mods I know of sadly enough :(
  4. I'll definitely have to look into that again. I heard they were working on it a while back, but didn't know if it was finished. Thank you!
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  6. No problem. Enjoy. I love the Kotor games and feel your pain not having any more.
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