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What difference is there in XBOX slim and pro?
I am thinking about buying a XBOX pro refurbished with 2 controllers and 20 g memory ($180) or the new slim with 4 g and one controllers ($200). Which is the better buy in value and what is the difference between the two.

Thanks a lot
Andy Thomas
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  1. I believe the Pro editions were just "extreme" versions of the reg ones, I.E. bigger hard drives etc etc. The slim versions are newer, have reworked heating and internal structure(there is large fan on top of the system instead of on the back, which heat rises naturally anyway so I thought it was a smart idea.) I believe the cooling is much more efficient on the slims. they are quiet as a whisper too, and have a touch activated power button instead of the pressure button of the old ones. I've had my slim for a long while now, I got it the day it was released. No issues so far.
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