Yo guys, i have bought gta iv, because i have got my new pc with i7 3770k and gtx680 and i installed enb icenhancer 2.1 and 0.82 or something like that (i have got version but i would like some hd textures, has anyone got a link to a good site wich works?
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  1. if you want to use ienhancer you may want to downgrade to 1.4. there is an app for it on the ienhancer site i think. you should also find the hd textures there also.
    last time i used it they were there and free.
    if not then or .
  2. I have being trying to do the same and have been unable to find one off download containing all the HD textures. If you find then can you post the link here? I checked both those sites before and there is just loads of individual downloads. I'm sure there is an extreme HD texture download somewhere which I have found references to all over the web.
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