Can't hit multiple keys on keyboard?

Hey so I just got a new keyboard (Razer LYcosa) and I've been trying to play COD. I have wasd for movement keys and Shift is my "sprint" button. If i'm holding down forward and right strafe (W and D) then I can't sprint when I hit shift (also affected with other key combos)...I'm pretty new to PC gaming so I'm not sure the fix for this. THe last keyboard I used was a very cheap stock keyboard that came with my old comp. Please help. THanks!!
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  1. sounds like you hve hit the 3-6key razer gaming key optimization... they say they optomize the wasd keys for more responcive gaming but because they do this they cack up the rest of the keyboard (note: it doesnt even work on membrane keyboards and is seriously limited on mechanical... its marketing crap)... people who dont know any different think all keyboards are like this but in truth there not. most are 6 key minimum roll over some are much better like the sidewinder x4 which is still a membrane keyboard but has 18+key roll over on the usb...
    there keyboards suck big time. send it back and get a sidewinder x4.
    razer keyboards are junk and thats being nice...
    if you can spend a little more than get a mechanical with a minimum of 6key rollover/anti ghosting.

    you may be able to get round the roll over limit by using a ps2 to usb adapter but you will be lucky if it works because most gaming keyboards dont. unless the manufacturer provides a specifically wired 1. there only a couple of quid so worth a try... just make sure you get a keyboard 1 not a mouse 1 there different colours. that match the sockets on the motherboard. (green and purple)
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