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Heyo! I am looking to purchase a gaming computer, and I believe I have found one, but I am looking for a variety of opinions on the computer that I have been looking into. I want to make sure that this is a legitimate deal, and not some dud:
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  1. That's not a gaming pc, it's a general use pc, a 620 gt is bellow minimum required for gaming, you need a much better card, and the psu that comes with the pc, probably a 300w crappy psu...
  2. Dud, *** graphics card. Wouldn't play any new games on high, they don't state the motherboard so it is normally a junk board. They don't state what PSU you its going to be generic.

    Overall a waste of money.
  3. This is definitely helping me out a lot! I appreciate the replies! If it's not too much trouble, could y'all perhaps point me to the right direction in my search for a gaming PC?
  4. If you have extra coins and you want a ready to go machine check things like "custom build computers" in google. If you want to save money than you need to spend some time and burst your bubble of being not-so-computer-savvy. Do some research. Type in things like best cpu/processor for the money - toms has a monthly review of nearly each major component.
    If you don't care as much but are on a budget (and since you mentioned TG) you can go there and ask them to help you build a custom PC. Ask them to make you a list of parts that would fall into your budget and post it here (if you want the most value - they will obviously try to sell your crap you don't need).
    In any case, do some minor research for starters if you want to get this done right. People will point you in the right direction.
  5. What's your budget like?
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