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Has anyone had any experience with Speeze "WhisperRock", model 5F263B1M3G on this cpu? At Newegg there are about 160 reviews for this HSF that are for the most part positive. Price...$7.00+5.99sh=$13.00 Almost sounds too good to be true. Is that an oxymoron?

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  1. Its actually supposed to be a quite good budget cooler, and for your 1.6Ghz Duron should cool adequately with a good noise level. No oxymoron, just good cheap asian manufacturing :wink:

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  2. Thank you for the reply. It is now on my list of parts to order.

    I Hope everyone has Happy Holidays!
  3. I beleive the whisper rock is the same heatsink as the falcon rock just with a diffrent fan. My falcon rock heatsink is great, i am passivly cooling my overclocked tully with it, also the fan on the falcon rock is very quiet i bet the whisper rock is inaudiable.

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  4. What a coincidence. I just installed the WhisperRock II on a Duron 1.6 in a computer I built for my niece for Christmas.

    The WhisperRock works fine, though I didn't really take the time to monitor the CPU temperature. I believe it was reading somewhere around 38 C in the BIOS, which is no indication of normal performance. At any rate, it will keep your Duron running adequately cool, and the fan happens to be extremely quiet. If you're standing a few feet away from the computer, you can't tell it's on.

    There are a couple caveats, though, which made installation a little bit of a nail-biter. First, the mounting clip only has ONE notch on both sides. I'd much prefer to have three, but as the cooler isn't very heavy, I guess I can let it slide. Second, the screwdriver slot in the bracket is very small, so you have to either use a skinny flat-head screwdriver, or risk stabbing your motherboard (never a good option).

    All in all, I'd say it's a good cooler, and so quiet. I'm using one in the next non-XPC computer I build. Great for the price.
  5. Thank you for your input on the install. It seems a lot of people hold the same opinion as you. Good stuff for a first time scratch builder like myself.
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