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Hey guys i just wanted to know the cheapest DX11 card for my Dual Core 3.4 GHz cuz after seeing Crysis 3 is a DX11 only game, It won't be too long when other games do this too, Right now i have a DX10.1 Card and even tough i'm not concerned about the Graphics i always sacrifice graphics for frame rate, I just want a cheap DX11 card.
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  1. A Radeon 6670 is the cheapest you can play that type of game on, but a Radeon 5450 seems to be the cheapest DX11 card.
  2. There comes a point when you just cant reduce graphics settings enough to result in playable frame rates.

    Mactronix :)
  3. actually thats pretty far off the mark... you may well be able to play crysis 2 on that 6670 card but you wont have the dx11 features turned on without crumpling the fps.
    as mac points out there are plenty of cards out there that support dx11 but not a whole lot that have the grunt to run dx11 in games.
    the 560ti or 6870 are the 2 lowest cards i would recommend you go for if you want to have at least some of the dx11 features like tessellation enabled and have a playable frame rate... if your dont want to spend that kind of money then you would be better off sticking to dx10 prefs for games.
  4. So how much do those cost?
  5. What about the Nvidia GTS 450?
    It was one of the earliest cards to support DX11.
    The GT300 is also available.
    The GTS 450 was just 81 pounds at launch.
    Dunno about the GT300 but I don't think you can get DX11 cards any cheaper.
  6. At the minimum, I would consider a Radeon HD 7750. It generally costs about $90 with a rebate and about $100 without a rebate.
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