Xbox 360 slim or xbox 360 arcade or x box console

what is better x box slim or x box console or x box arcade please reply as soon as possible
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  1. Xbox slim and Xbox console are both good just avoid the arcade
  2. why avoid the arcade? needless to say to find the original consoles in stores would be hard. I really never liked the new slim consoles, due to the heat they generate, i really liked the last batch of 360 consoles in early to mid 2010, they generated the least amount of heat.

    personally I would find a used 360 that was manufactured around 2010, pointless to buy new right now since the next gens are coming up.
  3. my brother has the slim and it doesnt generate much heat, but i agree you should wait till next gen
  4. i have just had bad experiences with both slims i owned. first one i bought off the shelf, it did not work, the second generated so much heat it could have heated my house. could have been lemons, who knows.
  5. Sounds like you were unlucky.
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