Skyrim wont install

Hello all,

So I had the game installed, from the disk, onto a ssd i have for games(G:\)
I recently got a new cpu and MB. I re installed everything. windows(C:\), my games disk(G:\), and another disk i have for program files(P:\).
Steam is installed on the games ssd, and i have re installed all the other games i am currently playing. 4 games in all.
I wanted to see how skyrim was running now with all my new stuff.

I cant get it to install! It wont install from the disk, or from download from steam.

"G:\Steam\Steam.exe" -install H:

as H:\ is my dvd.

the window comes up says it "creating local game cache files"

Then I get an error message saying "An error occured while installing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (missing app configuration)

Any Thoughts? I have done some searching but nothing.

I have re installed all the c++ stuff, as i heard its giving people trouble, and still nothing.

help me friends!!
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  1. I am in exactly the same state. Obviously its an issue with the installing it to a different drive from the default, but no other games are affected...
  2. I think its an update problem. as before this, I had it installed on secondary drive(G:\). just not sure why all of a sudden it wont work!
  3. copy the files onto a hdd then install from that.
  4. OK,

    So I did some digging, and found this "try deleting clientregistry.blob file from steam root folder and start steam again let it update"

    It let me start downloading the game from steam, but still wouldnt let me install the game from disk.
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