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I want to talk about Gamespy, there is a game that i used to play; frontlines fuel of war and the servers were shut down so i cannot join multiplayer on the game itself. What is gamespy, does it have it's own servers that you can play on for games that have lost their own servers? Like command and conquer renegade, westwood is non existent now, can you play it on gamespy, what about frontlines fuel of war?
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  1. gamespy is just a stat counter and chat service. a bit like xfire it will list servers for games but doesnt own or run any. there are no servers at all other than private 1s run on hamachi (if they still support that game) but i dont fancy your chances. the game has long since fell off the radar and you will be lucky to find 1 or 2 people playing even if you can find a server.
    its free to join and download so give it a try you wont loose anything by trying it as it aint very big. you may find there is still 1 or 2 servers up but as i say i doubt it.
  2. When i played there were one or two servers and there were around 30 people or 16 at least playing, sometimes above 50. Solar Farm and Hindsight were the most played maps. The people who used to play were recurring so i used to see them all the time, they must be enthusiasts so surely they must be playing on it somehow. I'm playing bad company 2 and i miss shooting helicopters down with emp rocket launchers and c4ing them like on FFOW, FFOW feels more like an arcade game i like that.
  3. but i won't be able to play it because the online mode in the game has been disabled, you need to click online in order to get the lan and multiplayer options and i can't do that.
  4. then i suggest you look for a patch or mod. if the game is abandon ware then applying such a mod is legal.
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