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PS3 dvi adapter Problems

Hardware: Monitor (LG Flatron 20" L206WTQ ) (2008ish), DVI male to HDMI female adapter (monoprice), HDMI cable, PS3 (has the picture of the Green Hornet and Uncharted 3 so 2011ish)

Problem: I cannot get the PS3 to display onto the monitor. I have tried to hold power button. I know my ps3 works because I have used it on another monitor and tv (samsung/panasonic). The LG monitor is HDCP compliant. HDMI cable, monitor and adapter have been tested using computer.

I see alot of people fixing their problems by resetting the settings on the ps3 or having faulty equipment but no luck for me.

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  2. I have this same issue. My thread link was of no help to me, lets hope yours catches the attention of someone who knows.


    Monitor: LG227WTG Flatron 22" 1680x1050
    PS3: model No. CECH-2001A
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  4. did you happen to find the solution?
    I wonder if using a hdmi male to dvi female converter on the ps3 side and then using the dvi cable would change anything...

    sigh i want to play my ps3!!!!!
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    Johnman! I found a fix!!! As it turns out, our problem is the adapter itself. Not the type or brand, but the very fact that it is THERE seems to kill our connection.

    Solution: Buy an HDMI to DVI >>Cable<< for your video, make sure you set the PS3 to 720p beforehand.
    Use your component or composite cable with a red/white female to male 3.5 audio jack, and a 3.5 female to female for sound.

    Let me know if it works for you as well! :D
  6. So are you saying the fact that I/we are using an adapter is the problem? I have tested the adapter using my computer and monitor and it works without fail, actually im using it right now because its less bulky than a dvi.

    in any case, i bought a hdmi to dvi cable. Can you check for me if yours is dual or single link? not that I think it really matters.

    also do you have the same monitor as I?

    congratulations :D so jelly~
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