Delayed freezing

Can someone list anything that triggers into 'delayed freezing'?
what i mean is... the freeze occur first with sound then a couple of seconds, in my case 3-5 seconds, the windows freeze totally...

in my case of gaming, the sound will freeze first.. but the controls still responsible albeit if i save the game at that point it is useless..

the same case with watching movies... the sound will freeze first before freeze totally.

this is the advance case of my pc freezing, before this, anytime i connected to the internet ( by any way possible! ) , the pc will freeze but now the problem seems to be gone completely or rather transitioned to this problem...

i do not have enough money to test for hardware problems right now... i am taking examination this week.
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  1. You are describing classic signs of a system with heat and/or power issues. First, if overclocking, stop and revert back to default settings for CPU, GPU, and memory. Next, check inside your case to ensure all of your fans are working properly and clean any dust and hairballs from the system (canned air). While in the case, make sure your airflow is an optimal as you can make it (like by moving cables from blocking air).

    If these steps don't help, I would try to swap the PSU with a known good one to see if that fixes the problem. Failing PSUs often cause the very problems you are describing.

    Good luck!
  2. thanx alot.. i too think the culprit is the psuitself but i do not have enough money to buy a new one.. hopefully after my examination, i will be able to buy new system.. thx again
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