Watercooling is a good idea?

I want to know if the watercooling technology is a good Investment :)
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  1. I know of some "expensive" air cooling systems (compared to other HSFs) which do a great job, like Thermaltake's SLK-947, SLK-800U for Intel or A for AMD, or the Alpha PAL 8942. I think the SP-94 is the best and also most expensive buy you can probably find it for 40-45$, a good watercooling system would put you back at least 150$ and I'm not even talking about what happens if you mess up!

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  2. You just have to do your homework. Research different block/pumps/radiators available, and take into account that stray water and electricity mix alittle too well.

    Water cooling is quiet, efficient but expensive.

    Air cooling is loud, inefficient but cheap.

    You could consider watercooling an investment in the future. You don't have to replace the whole system if you upgrade, Just the CPU waterblock, which is about the same price as a new air-cooled HSF.

    I have a watercooling setup. I'll never go back to air cooling.

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  3. I'll get watercooling when they unlock the cpu's again. Then i'll slap my soon to be thermalright slk900u onto my hard drive via duct tape.
    I have an interesting idea for a different kind of watercooling. But it requires a specialized case. And money.
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