Gaming has really come to a halt for me this past few months. I've played thousands of hours of PC gaming and I'd really like to get back into it.

I own hundreds of PC games but the only one that really keeps me coming back is RuneScape. (I know how dumb that sounds, but I'm nearly max level.)

I'm quite strict when it comes to gaming, I guess.

The only MMO's I've ever liked are Guild Wars 1, I hate Guild Wars 2, and RuneScape. I've tried basically every other MMO out there.. DaoC, RIFT, Tera, WoW, AION, EQ, etc..

The only FPS's I've ever realllllyy enjoyed: MW1and2, Black Ops 2, and basically all of the Valve games like L4D, TF2 or CSS, and GMod.

RTS games: Only like Battle for Middle Earth 2 and some StarCraft 1. I've played many many many RTS games and I don't like any of them except for LOTRBFME2... They all suck IMO.

TPS: Only liked Max Payne and some Gears of War.. Otherwise, not a big fan of TPS.

I also like League of Legends but I hate the feel of Dota 2.

I don't like Sports games or Racing games.

What I love most in a video game: I love Teamwork, a game where Cooperation is needed and Mic use is HEAVY! (Not like L4D where everyone just rushes through by themselves (even though it's supposed to be a co-op game.. a game where you NEED, not WANT to cooperate.
For MMO's, I like doing the same thing over and over again, like RuneScape where you just keep burning logs or Guild Wars where you keep doing the same farming run. I don't like dynamic worlds, because they are harder to master and grind.
For RTS games, I like taking my time and really crafting my base and deciding my plan of attack before going out there.

Someone told me that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising had a lot of teamwork, but I did not enjoy that game 1 bit.
I've also heard that BF2: Project Reality was good.

Just please give me some pointers as to some GREAT games that can entertain me as long as RuneScape did!
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    You're honestly not likely to find a game as addicting as RuneScape. The best way to find new games to play, is just try them for yourself. It sounds like you've got a decent bit of this covered, but no two people will have the same opinion of every game.
  2. Thanks, and you sure are correct about that! I've meant so many people that like a game that I don't like... and it makes me snap into the reality that everyone differs greatly.

    I'm just hoping for some games that have been doing well recently that might catch my attention.
  3. If money's not too big of a deal to you, a great idea would be to keep an eye on Steam. It's loaded with games, and they usually pop out sales every week. Just keep an eye on the popular games, and the ones on sale and you're bound to find a winner every once in a while.
  4. I have 90 steam games and I'm currently enjoying about 1.
  5. Just a few that I regret buying:

    Skyrim, Breach, All of the Half Life series except for using with Garrys Mod (amazing)
    Borderlands, Brink, Crysis 1 and 2, FarCry 1 and 2, PAYDAY: The Heist (Terrible), Command Conquer 1,2,3, and 4..
  6. Oh and don't forget the dreaded Battlefield 3! But that's Origin..
  7. I can't understand how you dig Runescape, it basically is WoW with terrible graphics in a tinny world and instead of paying for a subscription they nickel and dime you for items. Developing the individual skills in those "obstacle courses" is simultaneously the gayest and most boring gaming activity I've ever experienced in my life. But, to each his own I guess.

    I would say that Guild Wars 2 and WoW are the best MMO's out right now. For raiding, you can't beat WoW, for questing/crafting you can't beat GW2. PVP is a toss up between the two. Runescape is F2P so there are a ton of players on there, but it doesn't have the depth or entertainment value of virtually any MMO on the market IMO.
  8. If by "teamwork" you mean as a team within the game (not online co-op play) then I would recommend Star Wars Republic Commando and Freedom Fighters. If you mean on line then I can't help; I'm in the middle of nowhere and my connection isn't dependable enough. Sorry.

    Almost forgot. The new Torchlight 2 has a really nice online community and play.
  9. tinyE said:
    If by "teamwork" you mean as a team within the game (not online co-op play) then I would recommend Star Wars Republic Commando and Freedom Fighters. If you mean on line then I can't help; I'm in the middle of nowhere and my connection isn't dependable enough. Sorry.

    Almost forgot. The new Torchlight 2 has a really nice online community and play.

    Torchlight is more like passive Co-op, but it is fun like the old diablo's. If he wants coordination that you need a mic for I would say an MMO raiding scene is the best example. High Level competitive Counter-strike also utlizes mics, and some of those really realistic military sims. There really isn't many multiplayer games that a mic is required for anymore. I think the realistic Army sim that is played the most is called Arma, it has a very steep learning curve and I was too impatient for it, some gamers swear by it though.
  10. If you have a friend to play it with, Trine 2 online multiplayer is fun and if you can find a third person so that each of you are restricted to only one role (the knight, the thief and the wizard) then you will have to strategize with each other to overcome the levels.

    When the game goes on sale it's usually no more than 4.99.
  11. @bryjoered - RuneScape is a game where you can do damn near anything you want.. Chat, skill, fight, or just hang out. I grew up with it, and therefore have a sort of sentimental attachment to it. F2P RuneScape is no where compared to P2P, and therefore, unless you are a high-leveled member, is hard to judge the game for what it's truly worth.

    As for coordination, I have a great mic that never gets utilized because no one else ever seems to want to use one.. I'm beginning to think that in order to get a good team and coordination, you need to start/join clans, and that's just something I haven't tried yet. Arma is def. something I've been considering for a while though!
  12. lol try battlefield heroes
  13. Haha. BFH is a free for all team game. I played that for like 2 weeks and never once did I find someone willing to work together.
  14. +1 on the learning curve for Arma, I gave up on it because I work full time and play in a band, I didnt have enough time to nut it out but i'd imagine that after learning how to play it properly it would be very rewarding. Being able to compete online is another thing.

    I know you said that you disliked the C&C franchise but have you tried Red Alert 2?
    It has an expansion (yuri's revenge) and a unofficial expansion on that but i forgot what it was called :/ if you pit yourself against a brutal enemy there will be a lot of grinding and a LOT of base building and perfecting. even on easy the Ai will try to exploit cracks in your defence and drive at weaknesses in your walls.
  15. @Crest Thanks for the RA2 suggestion. I've only played RA1, so I might give that a try. Someone else suggested Planetside 2, and told me that there was a lot of teamwork involved in that game, so I downloaded it. Upon playing for 30 minutes, get 20 kills and trying out every vehicle without even 1 (ONE) person mic chatting or text chatting, I gave up.

    I have a feeling I'm going to be forced to find a clan to have organized gaming with.
  16. Natural Selection 2 is on steam and is a very teamwork-focused FPS with a steep learning curve. It's pretty much aliencs vs humans, 1 person on each team plays as the commander, and the game is like an RTS for them, while everyone else plays as a normal FPS player. Nearly every server I join has people on mics talking.

    Check out some videos and see if it looks like something you'd like.
  17. I would suggest EVE, as I always do when people ask what is an awesome game. EVE is a game to where you cannot get very far without joining a corp and working with others.

    EVE does have a more mature audience than most games so be prepared for that, but I think you might like it.

    p.s. I grew up with Runescape, back when Classic was Runescape. I absolutely loved that game but I was pushed away when Runescape 2 came out and they started down their current path of game development.
  18. Join an ARMA or Operation Flashpoint community (not that Red River/Dragon Rising one, that was made by a different company who owns the trademark on the original title, so Bohemia Interactive Studio's changed the name to Armed Assault, then just ArmA/ARMA).

    Check out:

    They make military simulators too (VBS1, VBS2, etc.) and the people that make up the communities are highly structured. They're not 'clans' so much as communities.
  19. One more thing bout ARMA, it is one of the worst optimized games ever. Even a top of the line card will chug with it on max settings and the graphics are NOT impressive. Honestly, you should just wait for ARMA 3 if you are interested, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013.

    There really is only two routes to go if you want serious gaming coordination via mic nowadays, hardcore military shooters or MMO's (excluding runescape, sorry).
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