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I am upgrading my system with a new mb, proc, ram and hd. Do I have to install xp on the new hd, or can I use the original xp cd during installation? Do I have to format the drive first, or can I do it when installing win 7?
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  1. If you have Win7 already, just install it right away. No need to load XP.
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    you did not specify if win 7 is upgrade version, or full version (can be a OEM copy).

    If it is the full version, no you do not need to have XP installed.

    If it is the upgrade version - it requires the operating system being upgraded to be installed. With vista they did away with just using the CD/DVD for verification that you qualify for the upgrade. Vista had a "work-around" and I do not know if that will be available with Win 7. PS will find out when my copy of win 7 upgrade arrives.
  3. I guess that this means that in order to install Win 7 on a new HD you would have to install XP on it first and then upgrade to Win 7?
    Thats stinks, since I just picked up a new HD just to install Win 7 on.
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