Trolls and Trolling ... :)

I was thinking of paying for my outstanding ISP bill with a picture of a 7 legged spider ...

Here at toms we used to have a cage where we encouraged the trolls to live and recreate ... but they ate so many n00bs the staff made us close it down.

RIP Forum 40 !!

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  1. /gives riser the fecal finger salute.

  2. The worst trolls are people who don't even realize they are in fact trolling.

    Ive always imagined a TV show called Troll Hunter where they track down particularly offensive trolls and pull them from their (Mothers) den. I think a cross in the heart or maybe exposure to sunlight would do in most of them.
  3. Well after exhaustive analysis I can confirm we are all in fact trolls within this forums area ... in fact healthy debate (minus the nocturnal emissions) are considered essential in this area.

    I therefore (out of respect) have to violently disagree with all of you next posts.

  4. Reynod is awesome and doesn't like ladyboys.
  5. I have never mentioned your interest in dressing up ... or your doll collection.

  6. What can I say? I look good in a suit and I'm surrounded by a lot of hot women. ;)
  7. But your a 40yo virgin geek who has had less luck with the girls than monkeyboy has ... at least that's what Jeff used to say all of the time.

    /stretches the truth slightly

  8. Ah, the stuff I know that I wish I could unknow about Monkeyboy. haha
  9. Bacon??

    Seriously ... are there no others who wish to engage riser in I in a good mindless arguement?

    There is plenty of room for abuse in this thread.

    /disables controls
  10. You will do nicely.

    Hands bat to OMG.
  11. Long weekend here !!

    I'll try to find out who shot you with the arrow.

    I'll start with the hippies then move on to the Democrats.

    I have an alibi !!

  12. you guys are no worse than the freaks on the subways in NYC
    take a look

    My cousing built that site LOL

    Who knows maybe it will go viral like alot of older members on Toms LOL

    Just kidding I love you old Toms Farts

    Heck I will be on here two years in June

    What a long strange trip its been......
  13. We have been watching you for some time now Nemo ...
  14. Captain Nemo or Finding Nemo?
  15. Neither ... I made a typo:

    We have been watching you for some time now Neo (Mr Anderson) ...

  16. Funny after I got out of the pyschiatric ward (Bipolar)
    They prescribed a large blue pill
    I couldnt stop laughing when I saw it

    so yes give me the Blue Pill please
  17. Here ... this should cheer you up.

    If you have a mental problem your in the right forum area.

    Don't ask me for help regarding your personal problems unless your prepared to pay ... just keep taking your lithium.

  18. hee hee hee
    Death by Castration
    I love it
    No I dont need help with my mental illness
    I am perfectly normal
    In fact I am the only normal person I know
    Everybody else is crazy
    Well at least that is what my dog tells me
  19. You may be more normal than you realise.

    Then again you might be a complete loon.

    We are all situationally effected and prone to the latter from time to time.
  20. Only my patented armadillo helmets are capable of blocking the aliens from taking control of your mind.
  21. I will take three
    no make that four
    cant forget good ol Mom
    Is Paypal okay?

    loose defintition of insanity
    repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different result

    for example
    if you drink an entire bottle of Jack Daniels
    bad things happen
    so if next weekend you drink another bottle
    what did you expect?

    that is why I have a strict three drink limit
    I dont like waking up in a strange hotel room with my pants down
    and holding a female mannequin

    well at least the mannequin was female.....
  22. I tried to sell one to Mal ... <sigh>.

    He really needs one ...

  23. I have a strict zero drink limit.

    I'd much rather a cola and packet of BBQ chips or a coffee and cheese platter.

    Got some bbq and satay chicken ready for the BBQ tonight ... and some mango chicken.

    This thread is making me put on weight.
  24. it is winter here
    so BBQing isnt happening
    but I could go for a Beer Chicken
    you know when you take a beer can and cut the top off
    poke holes on the side
    use seasoning (I like Goya Adobe) in the beer
    then shove the beer can up the chickens butt
    and cook the whole thing on the BBQ (a smoker works really good)
    so the beer boils
    even if you are not a drinker it tastes awesome
  25. Over here that would be considered sacriledge ... wasting beer like that.

    For a start the alcohol does not reach the stomach in a useable medium.

    If you think burning a few copies of the bible / Koran will get the christians / Muslims upset then try wasting beer in front of an Australian ... or a Kiwi ... or a Brit ... or a German.

    I know your fullstrength beer in the US is like our light beer but I consulted experts and you can only use beer as:

    A social drink;
    Beer Batter.

    We will need to petition the beer gods and see if stuffing a chook with beer prior to cooking is acceptable.

    This is akin to the canonisation process so may take 40 or so years while experts mull it over a few thousand coldies.

    Cheers !!

  26. Yes really cheap beer is best for beer chicken
    you need something with a really strong flavor even if you wouldnt drink it
    I like using Natural Ice (Natty Ice) or Steel Reserve
  27. Stuffing chooks with beer ...

    Explain the how to do it process and I will give it a go.

    I have Coopers real ale / dextrose / golden syrup and some Canadian Blonde / Dextrose / Hakkertau hops blend as well.

    Should I go the darker ale or pale bitter pilsner ?

    We make our own beer.

    This is Australia.
  28. use a really strong beer also
    something with a real bite
    need strong flavor
    subtle flavors wont work

    also I like to cut the top of can off
    make little holes above the fluid line
    and use seasoning in the beer
    I like Goya Adobe seasoning
    but just season to taste
    one firm rule
    is for every one beer in the chicken
    you MUST drink three while cooking
    Not my rules
    I didnt make them
    I just have to follow them
  29. Doesn't the aluminium leech into the chicken ... I don't want alzheimers !!

    Do you leave it standing up in the oven I spose?

    How and I going to bbq a chicken standing up though?

    Sew it up?

    The oven seems the only way I guess.

    That's a can of beer nobody gets to drink.

    A sacrifice to the gods I guess ...
  30. you can use skewers to go throught the chicken to prop it up

    also the Law of the Beer Chicken is :
    you cannot ingest beer chicken without at least a .10 blood alcohol level
    or in other words
    you should be just as cooked as the chicken
  31. Actually I am a very light and social drinker now
    I drank only a handful of times in 2011
    I use to be a 5-6 night a week bar person
    but then came along wife and child
    so priorities changed
    as I am only driver in family and do not like to drink alone (wife cant drink-heart condition) my recreational alcohol imbibing drastically decreased
    but even that is at end of night and not going anywhere with daughter asleep

    Nothing like a family to change your evil ways.....
  32. king smp said:
    though I am still known to smoke a fine herbal cigar occasionally (nudge nudge wink wink)

    Come on now....You should know by now this kind of thing shouldn't be advertised.
  33. my apologies
    I was just talking about clove cigars
    wont happen again
  34. king smp said:
    I was just talking about clove cigars

    Good. Then we have no problem.
  35. :) very glad
  36. It is interesting reading your posts SMP. Mainly because I see them written almost like txts, each thought a seperate line without any form of continual thought. :)
  37. hmm not sure how to take that :)

    I learned in the corporate email environment with many a regional and district manager who was quite ADD to keep my writings short and to the point and also I like to avoid huge walls of text
  38. In non-formal back and forth banter, I suppose you have a point. Much like carrying on a text conversation with a tween. :) If you write your thoughts well and supply the information in a easy to read manner it would be easy to write complete sentences. Though, I find myself laboring to read many of your posts. :) But I also thank you, as others do, for the compliment of being intelligent enough to decipher your crude grammar. :)
  39. I was actually in honors english classes in high school and I am also quite well read.
    I am sorry if my writing style bothers you.
    If it is a labor to read and comprehend my posts then by all means feel free to not read them :).
    I would like to say that while your post is quite polite you just may just be one of the nicest trolls I ever did meet :)
    I feel like you are trying to elicit a negative response from me but I will not stoop so low to get into a "flame war".
    I did not realize on Toms that there was grammar police so pardon me for being myself.
    I ask you sir that if you do not like my writing style then how about we avoid being on the same threads together.
    I will bow out gracefully from this thread and lets just agree to avoid each other.
    I respect that you have achieved the position of community reporter and are a well respected long time member of Toms so I do not want to cause any trouble.
  40. I read people's writing and get an idea of how they think and do honestly assemble an idea of them based on that.

    What do you do for a living? I need to know so I can wrap something around this style of writing.

    I do not profess to be a psychologist as they all seem to have many personal issues/demons in them, but I do like watching personalities and assembling quirks and whatnot together to see how a person has come to be themself. Mostly a curse I suppose but it interests me to see the current path people are on, how they started, and where they expect to end.
  41. okay fair enough
    I graduated high school with about 3.5 GPA taking honors and college prep classes
    including PASCAL and BASIC programming also vocational AC/DC classes
    Instead of being smart and going to college for computer science like I originally wanted to I decided to take a year off to work (dept manager at local supermarket-making good money for a kid in the late 80s)
    In my twenties I suffered from three nervous breakdowns due to being a BiPolar Manic Depressive with delusions of grandeur,paranoia etc
    By the time I was thirty I was a store manager for RadioShack and did that for 8 years until the stress got to me (at one point training to be district manager)

    I decided to work with my hands instead
    I went to Lincoln Technical Institute and got my EPA Universal Tech license in Htg/AC
    spent two years in that field

    I also along the way got engaged to a fantastic woman with a 4 yr old daughter
    Been with her for six years
    She has suffered from aortic valve replacement,cervical cancer,stroke and brain surgery during this time

    Now I work from home repairing/building computers and I am hoping for a management position with Staples (just applied and dropped off resume for the resident technician position)

    I am mostly self taught
    Thomas Jefferson is one of my heroes.
    I love the idea of the Renaissance man
    But by no means am I an educated man.

    Riser I am sorry you have a problem with me and my grammar
    I really try to get along with everybody
    If you felt a need to correct me that is fine but you should of done it in a PM
    and not publicly embarass me
  42. Alright, let's move along please. It's not against the ToS to have a different, yet understandable style of writing.
  43. well aford10 the thread is about trolling isnt it now? LOL :)
    and riser in a very polite way was somewhat being a grammar troll LOL
    so really isnt off topic is it?

    I will say that I have no hard feelings for riser
    there are many other worse newer members lately on the forums
    I have been on Toms for almost two years now and lately I have been shocked at some of the newer members behaviour on the forums
    some really bad advice being given and then when you prove them wrong they get insulting
    I just need a few more BAs for CPUs to get my gold badge and I hesitate on some of the thread to answer now
    I stay away from hardware recommendations completely now due to so many fanboys being so rude
    At least riser was very polite and semi-respectful LOL :)
  44. Then by all means, continue. :)
  45. I was wondering if it was just me noticing lately that it is very hard to go on some threads without having somebody provoking you?

    Maybe it is my fault
    Maybe the way I present myself antogonizes some people
    I do know chatting with some other long time members that they have been having issues themselves even to the point of being harassed on the PMs

    So has anybody else noticed more "drama" lately on the forums or is just from my perspective?
  46. I'm not publically doing anything against you. In my mind I'm trying to come to a conclusion as to why you are so unique in your posts. If it were common with other members it wouldn't play on my mind as much as it is. But you stand out and I wanted to make sure my conclusion that I had already came to in my mind matched the reality of your psyche.

    And in fact it does, moreso than I even had thought.

    Any chance you suffer from OCD? Maybe mistaken for a form of ADD or ADHD? You and a friend of mine display the same characteristics of lifestyle. They thought he had ADD/ADHD but it turned out he had severe OCD in a reverse manner where he could never stay on track, always diverging by obsession to never being stuck on one thing. In his thirities he realized it and turned his OCD into something very productive and is living a very comfortable lifestyle while playing off his 'disability' which is now a strength.

    I'm not trying to play doctor, merely comparing yourself to a long time friend that I grew up with. He didn't post like you.. but he was quick with one lines, never writing much after that.. which made me think of him when reading your posts. :)
  47. Technical diagnosis- Bipolar Manic Depressive with delusions of grandeur,paranoia,poor impulse control,self medicating behavior,OCD,poor anger management,auditory hallucinations,anal retentive behavior

    now mind you I have been treated since 1994 or so
    I had three stays in a psychiatric ward of a hospital
    each stay approx 2 weeks
    last episode in 2001
    very functional
    people around me are shocked to find out I am mentally ill
    I do suffer from OCD
    I need to have things organized usually in a symmetrical manner
    I will suffer seeing pictures hung crooked to the point of irrationality
    I do alot of number counting which is hard to explain
    for example during windows installs (I do many) I have to compusively count
    during progress bars

    well I dont want to bore anybody and go off topic
    if you would like to talk riser please feel free to PM me
    dont worry I am on my meds LOL :)
  48. back on topic

    has anybody noticed more "drama" lately on the tech forums or is it just me?
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