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  1. I got to check my spelling on "lonliness"
    doesnt look right
  2. Eh, life goes on. Anything I do I will make happen. Enter someone else (ie, a variable I can't control) and then that's where the problems start popping up. I'm not a control freak by any means, quite the opposite actually. We're all adults, act like one, and I place reasonable expectations on everyone. Probably why many people let me down eh? haha
    I spent years traveling on my own so I'm not afraid to go out on my own and conversing with people is fairly easy for me. It is a matter of knowing where to go.

    I tend to want to hang around people who want to do better in life. I live in a really nice apartment complex, yet I want to drive the 15 minutes to the nicer area to go to a restaurant or whatever. I'm told I like to hang out with the snooty people and all the rich people.. which, Ok, excuse me if I don't want to sit around drinking PBR or Natty Ice.

    Plenty of people out there.. I moved for a reason: get out of a sub 300,000 person trailer park. It took the economy to tank before the opportunities presented themselves.

    It is funny to me that I've had the best opportunities when the economy is down because companies are trying to hire people and those with the skillset are too afraid to transistion. In the last two years I've taken a $25k pay raise. I didn't take the highest paying job either, in fact I took the lowest paying job.. mainly based on the location. Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinatti, Georgetown, Louisville all paid way better, but I didn't want to go to any of those places.
  3. like I said good attitude
    for the past few years I have been running a small computer repair business but I am moving about 75mi away so losing customers
    really want a 9-5 job again (never thought I would say that LOL)
    need a steady paycheck and benefits
    so hopefully will hear today or tommorrow whether I got an interview for a HP/OEM Printer onsite technician job
    printer tech is low on the totem pole for IT jobs but I am happy for what I can get
    I am studying for my A+ cert and hope to take it in the upcoming six months
    so any foot in the door is good
    one ladder rung at a time is okay
  4. A+ is eh... you already have enough experience by having your own business. A Network+ cert would probably do you better to start.. but it depends on what you want to do.

    Do you want to do printer support? That's kind of a dying thing with a lot of stuff going electronic.

    You could focus on doing HP/Dell/IBM hardware repair for servers. That'll be in demand for a while still. Take a simple cert test on that and then your door opens up to either those companies or other companies that support their contracts.
  5. that is good advice about cert for OEM server repair
    I am okay with being a blade monkey LOL
    I still want the A+ anyway
    but I will reearch the certs for server repair
    I just have a basic knowledge of rack servers so could really use the education
    also have Manhattan close by so potential for work is good
  6. Blade work might not be so much since they're fairly easy to work with. Probably more along the lines of physical servers. Blades are pretty simple but some companies will outsource everything down to swapping blades between servers.

    A lot of things are moving towards UCS and true LAN 'cloud' (buzz word!) environments.
  7. you know that my cousin's fiance is a hiring manager for Amazon and all she talks about is cloud
    should get whatever cloud certs that are available
    and try to use nepotism to my advantage :)
  8. Everyone else does it.. heck, where I work we've hired 4-5 family members in that amount of time that lost their jobs. Unqualified to do the job, but they're cashing in the big money from their relatives.

    Cloud hardware might be something to check into. Not WAN based, but LAN based equipment. Cisco UCS is popular and HP/IBM and others have their hand in it as well.

    Consulting might be the way to go as well.. but desktops are phasing out in companies that are going to virtual environments like Citrix, VMWare, etc. In about 5-8 years most people probably won't have a workstation but a thin client again. Secure, stabile, and easier to manage.
  9. thanks for the info
    good stuff
  10. Dont' listen to "Chicken Boy" ...

    this psychic message brought to you via residual mind control exerted on reynod by wingy in 2009 ...
  11. Chicken Boy or whatever the name was, was not from Wingy, but from Phukface I think. OSU bet gone bad.. as usual.

    Couldn't find a chicken suit for under a few hundred dollars. The place I wanted to go, the owner has a Frog suit. Could have gotten him to dress up too. Nothing beats a chicken and a frog sitting at a bar.
  12. I was at a strip club and eventually noticed there was a fully done up clown sitting there drinking in a dark corner.
    And not one of the cute looking clowns either
    TBH I really dont like clowns-want to shoot them in the nose
    (Attack of the Killer Clowns @ 1988 movie)

    and the clown wasnt being very clown like
    just sitting there quietly drinking a tumbler of whisky on the rocks
    I mean wouldnt you think a clown would have one of those fruity umbrella drinks?
  13. You know I think you are right
    also your avatar lends to your credibility LOL

    BTW Oldmangamer_73- does 73 refer to your birthyear or age? if it is okay to ask?
    I am going to be 42 this year
    WTF does that make me?
    that will be my new forum name
    I still can clearly remember playing my Atari Pong/Breakout console with the rotary dial to move the paddles back in 1977 (I was 7)

    I remember my target shooting game with a pistol that could be converted to rifle with the removable stock-just a ball moving around the screen you shot

    I remember my TRS-80 Color Computer 1 with 64k memory and audio cassette drive for loading games/data

    I remember the first arcade video game I saw
    a big sit down table with a screen laying flat with Atari Pong

    I remember Head to Head football with the little green bars representing players

    You have the nerve to call yourself Oldmangamer?!?

    How dare you sir?!

    I am 42 yrs young thank you

    :) just messing with you LOL
  15. I still have fond memories of Zork and just DLd a freeware version
    wow was that a trip down memory lane
    also DLd Zaxxon 3D LOL
    getting nostalgic lately
    of course I do love my Metro 2033 and Witcher 2 :)

    BTW Witcher 2 might just be a new genre in video games in a way
    if you are familiar with it
    it is a blend of Action and RPG that really takes it to a new level
    I was an old D&Der back in the day but hardcore RPGs just arent my thing anymore
    I tried Fallout 3,Oblivion and Skyrim but just dont like those open world RPG
    but witcher 2 gives you the character abilities with weapon/potion upgrades but
    has a strong action feel
    really great pacing to the game and there are naked chicks too :)

    sorry didnt mean to sound like a Witcher 2 salesperson LOL
    just about to finish Metro 2033 if I can get past these darn librarians

    At 42 I feel sort of mature but not old
    I can still out run my ten year old daughter (though hamstring pull is always a possibility :) )
    I can still get out there with the neighborhood kids and throw the football around
    (though a shoulder pull is always a possibility)

    After recently dropping 30lbs I feel better than I have in awhile
  16. I was a fan of River Raid and I'm decade younger than you geezers.
  17. 47 here ... <sigh>
  18. OMG I went on a quest for a free Archon download
    I could not find it
    I LOVED Archon on the Commodore 64
    I had a TRS-80 at the time and my friend had a C64
    I wanted a C64 so bad because of games like Archon (3D Battle Chess)
    also because my buddy had a strip poker game where you played against a compuuter girl opponent who slowly stripped
    when we were 13 that was some hot stuff
  19. working some more on my video editing skills

    if you gives don't mind critiquing this one for me

    was more worried about codecs and containers on this one
    trying to get a decent quality but smaller video
    went from a H264/MP4 720x480 260mb to a H264/mkv 80mb file using Handbrake
    wanted to try AMD's Video Converter but it is either limited on what source formats it can use or my version is broke somehow
    only can get mpg to import into Catalyst Video Converter
    shame because I like GPGPU accelerated programs
    I use Cyberlink Powerdirector because it uses ATI Stream acceleration which is great
    Not alot of software so far for Stream
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