BF3, weapons disappear

Game Battlefield 3 for the PC, multiplayer.

As i play, more than often than not, after about 5 minutes my weapons disappear. They do not come back after respawn. Soon after the game crashes to desktop.

My temps are withing normal loaded temps. CPU cores max out at 63C(145F), GPU maxes out at 75C(167F).

Speedtest and other sights show no packet loss, very little jitter, 20M dl, 4-6M up.

Anyone have or heard of this issue?

See sig for specs:

Edit: corrected GPU temps. I entered the wrong temps.
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  1. Thats your problem right there. A dodgy GPU temp reader.

    RMA the card. No card is at 24C underload
  2. Sorry for the brain fart. It was 75C.
  3. deleted
  4. Anyone?

    I am suspicious of two things: Itunes conflicting with BF3 or hard drive issues.
  5. Why would battlefield clash with itunes?

    Try reinstalling battlefield
  6. right click on the games icon in origin and repair the install. it will just check the files and repair any that are broken.
    also if you get the bug where your hands are gone as well then press 1 or 2 on the keyboard this will cause the game to stutter but your weapon should appear but with a slight jerk on the gfx. most times a pistol. hit weapon swap again and the correct weapon will appear at normal speed.
    problem is that this was a known bug at release and was fixed. so my guess is your files need updating.
  7. Everything on my screen goes away. Even upon respawn there is only an empty graphics box where my load options should be. I updated just a couple of days ago. Any specific files for update?

    thanks, most info i've found yet.
  8. Post your full specs please?
  9. Specs are in my sig line. What else do you need to know? .
  10. I uninstalled and cleaned the old drivers. Then re-installed the latest drivers. No help.

    Could this be kaspersky?
  11. its possible but kasper has a game mode if i remember correctly where it shouldnt interfear with your game. as long as it set up correctly...
    you could try disabling it (just turn windows firewall back on for testing) if the textures come back then it may well be kasper is blocking some portion of the game.
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