Quietest heatsink/fan combo?

I have a non-OC'd 2500+, and I don't plan on ever OCing it. I still have the stock heatsink and fan and it's too loud for me (I do some music recording).

Everything else is quiet except for the cpu fan, so I'm wondering what the quietest possible fan I can get for this is? I'm not too worried about temps rising a little. I'm usually at 42 degrees, never been over 50 even after heavy gaming in the summer. My fan is at about 5000rpm, so it's kind of annoying.

I know I'll probably want a bigger fan with slower rpms (ajustable hopefully) and a huge heat sink with arctic silver or something, but does anyone have any suggestions for THE quietest set up? Thanks.
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  1. I think the easiest quiet setup would be a Zalman CNPS-7000AlCu.. otherwise, you can grab a Thermalright 942 with a nice panaflo low-rpm fan, or even a thermaltake SmartFan 2 (they're manually adjustable and pretty quiet on low).

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