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my friend ran into a problem with his xbox 360. he says whenever he goes to close the disc tray it opens back up by its self. is there a way he can fix this.
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  1. I would try turning your Xbox horizontally if its not that way or vertically if its not that way. Other than that you may have a faulty xbox disc drive and I hope you have a warranty on it.

    Let me know if the turning helps.
  2. he said it did not work and he does not have a warranty. is there any other way to fixing this?
  3. You could try installing a new disc drive. you can either do it your self or take it somewhere to be done. I have heard problems of newer xboxes having this problem more often. You can find video guides to fix it also if it doesn't need a new drive. Some times its just faulty assembly of the xbox. The most reasonable thing I would say is. Its a faulty drive.
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